Character name: Zidane Tribal.

Game: Final Fantasy IX + Dissidia

Age: 16

Background: Zidane was created by Garland, on the planet called Terra. He was designed to be an “Angel of Death.” Terra is a dying planet that must consume the life of another planet to survive. This is the task Zidane was created for. Garland called these new creatures, ‘Genomes’.

He made Kuja first. Though he made the mistake of making this Genome an adult, and so he didn’t have time to develop complex emotions needed to be an Angel of Death. Garland didn’t want this in his creation and so he put a limit on Kuja’s life, and created Zidane to replace him. 

He was experimental. He would have a full life, able to grow up like a human would. Doing so would make him superior to Kuja. Kuja hated the fact that he was being replaced, and so he placed the small genome on Gaia. The planet Terra was about to consume.

Because of this Zidane then grew up in a place called Lindblum. Where he was raised by a man named Baku in their Tantalus Theater Troupe. 

Zidane only remembered one thing about his childhood. A blue Light.

Through his journey on Gaia, protecting it from Kuja, and falling for the princess. Zidane eventually learned he was not from this world. Find out that he was created to destroy the planet he grew up on, was hard on him, and for a while he didn’t know how to handle it. However, his friends helped him realize, though that was what he was created for, he wasn’t an Angel of Death. He was a person like any of the others who’s home was Gaia, not Terra.

Personality: Zidane is optimistic for the most part. He is very upbeat and likes to fool around. He is also an extreme flirt. He is known to be a skirt chaser. He does however have a concealed loneliness. Though he never expresses it. He has some insecurities about his past as well. Zidane can sometimes get easily depressed when thinking of his loneliness or his past. He values friendship greatly but prefers to work out his problems alone. Zidane is genuinely friendly, even to those who don’t seem to like him very much.